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Help prevent senior isolation in your family today.

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You love social.

It’s how you communicate with your friends and family.


Your elder family members may not.

But nowadays, being offline means being left out.


They might feel isolated.

Senior isolation can actually harm your loved ones’ health.


We can help with that.

We keep your loved ones connected by mailing selected content from your social.


How it Works

ShareMail lets you write paper letters to your loved ones from your phone. You can even automate letters to be sent based on your social media content!

1. Enter your loved one’s address.


ShareMail exists inside of Facebook Messenger, so all of your settings are handled in chat.

2. Setup letter automation.


We send out three photos per week from your profile history automatically (you can setup a “don’t send” list). That way, your loved one will get something from you every week, even if you forget to write.

3. Add pics and text on the fly.

Any text or pictures that you send into your Facebook Messenger chat with us will also be printed and mailed out in your next letter.

Mail some love, once a week.

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